Caravan servicing 

We offer a range of caravan services; repairs and maintenance packages please contact a member of the team for more information.

We carry out and undertake comprehensive servicing on all ages, makes and models of touring caravans. Contact us now to book your caravan in for its annual service or to find out more information.                                                                  

Also here at Sheargolds Cars & Caravans we will also undertake any repair work, resealing jobs, damp repairs, supply and fit motor movers and more. You name it no job is too big or too small. All jobs are assessed and diagnosed before any work begins, we won't go ahead with repairs without your say so and any estimates or quotes are free of charge.

Any vehicle whether it be your car or your caravan are significant investments, and regular servicing can help to keep them running smoothly and identify potential problems early on, reducing the risk of more costly repairs in the future and also reducing the risk of breakdown.

Regular maintenance

A service will carry out essential checks to the core components and elements of a vehicle to ensure that they are operating correctly and to identify the need for any  replacement parts.

Deterioration of parts is often gradual meaning regular servicing is even more important on older or excessively used vehicles. Services can help to spot problems before they happen, which will give you time to best think, plan and finance the repair.

Maintain value

If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, the second hand market can be very competitive, with buyers these days expecting more for their money. As with any vehicle, evidence of regular servicing and maintenance is likely to attract more potential buyers and command a higher selling price, so remember to keep your vehicle maintained.

Save costs

Regular servicing can save money in the long run too, as you are more likely to identify essential repairs and maintenance early on before they escalate into a more hefty or expensive bill, but ultimately it will preserve the life of your vehicle. Not servicing your vehicle increases your chances of suffering a breakdown or system failure, which would be costly and inconvenient or worse still ruin your journey or holiday.

Undersealing & Delamination

Under chassis wax oiling

Caravans are truly a home from home and a marvel in terms of the facilities they offer in terms of their size and weight.

Caravans can be more exposed to the elements than perhaps most other vehicles, they endure grass, mud, gravel and other outdoor footings. Your caravan will be at risk of rising damp from the ground. This comes from the underbody of our caravan by ground or surface water, morning due and mist, fog and rain. Once your original caravan underseal has depleted through hot weather conditions, winds and sand particles it will expose your caravans underside and leave your whole caravan vulnerable to rising damp, moisture and water ingress. These conditions will also have a corrosive effect on your caravans main parts like the chassis and cause it to rust and corrode.

We offer a very low cost solution to preserve and protect your caravan from rising damp and chassis corrosion. Chassis-wax underseal/rustproofing can protect your car or caravan from ongoing rust, damp and corrosion with our full service treatment giving 100% protection against the elements, providing you with a superb level of protection at a low cost. All loose debris and rust is removed and then applied with a generous coating of chassis wax to stop rust and corrosion in its tracks.

What are the benefits of underseal and rust treatment?

We believe that prevention is better than cure.

The application includes man benefits which includes:

Extends the working life of your vehicle
Reduces costly repair work
Simple and easy to apply
Very effective – up to 5 year protection (depending of environmental factors)
Increases re-sale value
Does not wash off during cleaning
Does not melt or drip in hot weather

To book your vehicle in for this service please contact us

Vehicle Type Cost
Car £100
Single Axel Caravan £130
Twin Axel Caravan £160


Most caravan walls and floors are made of a simple sandwich construction. The floors are made using upper and lower sheets of thin plywood bonded to a Styrofoam core, if the bond breaks down, then delamination takes place.

This is more likely to happen to the caravan floor, and a tell tale sign of delamination occurring is when the floor begins to feel soft, spongy or bouncy.

Over time the traffic of people walking on the floor, long standing areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and the doorway entrance are more susceptible to this problem.

Ideally delamination should be addressed in its early stages as the floor will slowly continue to deteriorate and ultimately get worse which in turn will lead to a more costly repair.

This sort of repair should not be attempted by anyone other than an experienced caravan repairer. The chemicals used to treat this problem, if used incorrectly can lead to irreversible damage on your caravan, and it is for this reason why we do not sell the delamination kits.

For more information or to arrange a quotation for this repair to be done on your caravan, please contact a member of the team.

Delamination Diagram

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